Elizabeth is amazing... smart, insightful, intuitive and blessed with a caring heart. She creates an atmosphere for your true self to emerge and be welcomed. She models openness/vulnerability in her own being which allows for your vulnerability to be shared and become a part of your conscious experience.  I have seen significant, real and very positive shifts in my dating life and experience of women/people in general since I started working with Elizabeth, Wow...a powerful (sometimes intense) but FUN ride!! BTW...I am an Ivy-league educated, successful business-owner/Father with a lot of life experience.


Just two months ago I couldn't talk to a stranger, especially a female stranger, without feeling awkward, insecure, and doubtful of myself, which is and was to me a source of fear leading to depression. Two months later, I am not James Bond, but I do have these moments where I feel poised, sure of myself, calm, confident, and fearless when talking to anyone. For myself, to notice that change is a good feeling, to experience it, polarizing, and to have a moment of badass control, soon all the girls around me will need fresh underwear.



Elizabeth is a phenomenally talented coach.  She has a particular gift for working with men.  She is perhaps the most effective coach I have ever known in empowering men to step fully into their unapologetic masculinity.  She transforms intellectual shy "nice guys," guys perpetually stuck in the Friend's Zone with women, and unleashes the powerful, confident, vital men, men who have the cahoones to approach powerful hot women and light them up in every way.  I have never met another human being who has been so effective at unlocking the innate authentic power in others. The straight women of the SF Bay Area owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to her, because she is depopulating the pool of spineless, craven, over-sensitive wimps, and replacing them with an army of authentic and compassionate badasses ready to meet powerful women on their own level.


I'm so grateful for the existence of SS. I truly learned to express my desire boldly and boy is it paying off.  Last night I was so exhausted from hours of sex with my Tinder woman that I fell asleep before midnight and woke up to find a text asking me to come over at 1am -- from a 25-year-old beauty I met in a bar on Sunday night and slept with Monday night.



Elizabeth has changed my life for the better. She is an outstanding, brilliant, loving, caring individual. She has helped me face the deeper issues that have held me back from finding the happiness I deserve. I have never had a better counselor. She is well-informed and can help any man become the better man he deserves to be. When I first met Elizabeth, I had no idea that I would begin this journey or that she would make such a difference in my life. I am grateful to her for the ways she has helped me...the ways she has led me toward being a happier, more confident, more aware person. Change is not an easy thing. And to be sure, Elizabeth makes you do the hard (intense!) work. But you don't get the flowers without the rain. You can't reach the light without passing through the darkness. I am glad I have Elizabeth to help me get there. If you work with her, you will be too.


Before I started my life coaching with Elizabeth and David, I met them at one of their Meetups, where they offer a "sneak peak" into their coaching methods and philosophies.  What I really liked about them was that they were very straightforward about coaching their clients to use the power of honesty to improve their lives…  They are the antithesis of a pickup coach…

I can honestly say that these last few months have been the most enlightening moments of my life. 



Working with Elizabeth has changed the way I relate to and form relationships with the people in my life. She was able to see past my hang ups and insecurities and find the strong, confident man hidden beneath the surface, all in a shame melting and genuinely playful way. With her guidance and encouragement, I feel like the version of myself I have always known I could be. I have more love and romance than ever before and I am also doing better at work. I'm networking, leading with strength and making more money. I couldn't be happier with my decision to work with Elizabeth Cruz!e


Within few weeks in her program, I have noticed positive changes in my thinking, behavior and energy. Her aim not to just have you learn how to be a fake "pick up artist" to get women, instead, she will help you figure yourself out and tap into your inner strength.