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Our programs help you step into your power by developing confidence through action and direct feedback. Our intention is to help you unleash your own unique type of confidence so that you can have the love, life, and sex you desire. By facing your fears courageously, you start to know what type of man you are. We would say a Dauntless man.


6-day training

Shameless Sensuality



Is she into you? Is she turned on? Is she ready to move to the next level, or is she backing away? Words are only a 10% of communication, and the other 90%, body language, is critical when you are practicing seduction. You'll learn how to read her signals, and what you are communicating in your body as well. Feedback from your women coaches with ensure that you're getting the message of intimacy and sex with her, without spoiling the mood? You'll learn more about what you want, and practice real conversations with your women coaches.



topics covered

  • Understanding and Releasing Shame

  • Open a Woman with Presence & Attention

  • Expressing Your Desire Unapologetically

  • Honest & Real Conversations about Sex & Seduction

  • When & How to Make the Move

  • Be Irresistible to Women


invitation or REFERRAL only

Private Coaching



Private coaching only by invite or referral. Custom coaching programs are tailored for each client and are 3 or 6 months. You must be invited by me, referred by a Dauntless Alumni or someone that knows me.




  • Fashion Styling and Grooming

  • Interior Design

  • Practice Dates

  • NLP Sessions

  • Social Hangouts

  • Seduction and Sensuality Sessions

  • Flirting, Bantering and Conversation Sessions

  • Plus more…