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3 Mistakes Most Men Make when Connecting with Women - And How to Avoid Them

  • East Bay Healing Collective 1840 Alcatraz Ave. Berkeley United States (map)

Have you been struggling with getting out of the friend zone with women or can't get past the 1st or 2nd date?

You might be totally blocking yourself due to blind spots that could be easily fixed if only your dates would give you honest feedback. And we both know that's not going to happen!


Steph and I have created a workshop that helps you start seeing your blind spots. Our system is simple, fun and effective and men love it.

Discover the Art of Conscious Seduction: A place where men can come to practice their seduction skills and get honest feedback from women coaches in real-time.

Here's how it works

1. We discuss current topics on seduction, consent and what women want in dating, sex, and relationships.

2. We do a variety of exercises that help get you in your body.

3. Steph and I plus our female coaches, give you instant feedback of what works well and what needs to be adjusted.

4. You get to connect, share and learn with other men in the group as well as Matt, our male trainer.

5. You get to ask us any questions about dating, women, and sexuality.

6. Boom! You leave feeling more confident.

Our motto

We are here to serve you and not please you.

Be prepared to hear our honest truth about how you show up.

Find out more at our training. Where we take the gloves off and get real with your ass.

What men are saying

Elizabeth and Steph organized a well-planned course complete with tasteful PowerPoint slides, Lively group discussions, activities, and a fun video to support the various subject matter and issues.

I've been to my share of relationship workshops addressing men's dating issues in the post-modern 1st world times and this workshop was the most effective, bold, carefully attuned, time-efficient, easily applicable, relevant, fun and playful that I've ever been to yet. I highly recommend taking this course but come prepared to participate fully to get the most out of the experience. I needed a course like this to receive from fully evolved women who gave up their time to make me the best lover/companion I can be. Their energy and attention to us is worth much more the fee paid and crucial to our development as men and our ability to play at the biggest level possible. Thanks, to these women, for the opportunity to meet you where you're at and not just where I want you to be.


I'm so grateful for the existence of SS. I truly learned to express my desire boldly and boy is it paying off. Last night I was so exhausted from hours of sex with my Tinder woman that I fell asleep before midnight and woke up to find a text asking me to come over at 1 am – from a 25-year-old beauty I met in a bar on Sunday night and slept with Monday night.


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