We are Dauntless

Our commitment is to help educate men, primarily men who struggle with being too nice or passive on
how to navigate the tricky terrain of man/women dynamics and put begin to take action.

Our mission is to help men to become their best selves by educating them on
how to better understand who they are and what they want.

We teach men how to work with their positive masculine energies as well as understanding
the subtleties of feminine energy to help them become a balanced man.

A man who knows how to lead from the heart and listen from the heart.



Elizabeth Maria Cruz

Elizabeth is the healer of men’s hearts and has been healing men for 30 years.

She has been studying social dynamics for 35 years and has been trained by some of the top transformational NLP coaches in the nation as well has been trained in cutting-edge programs in the realm of sexuality, intimacy and communication. She also has been leading small groups and coaching men intensively for the past 10 years.

Elizabeth Maria Cruz is the founder of Nice Guy to BadAss, a coaching program that combines the wisdom of the feminine with the knowledge of the masculine to create a heart-centered and edge-pushing program that teaches men how to better understand themselves and women.

The premise of her program/work is to create a movement that will help redefine modern masculine leadership. She feels that the Nice Guy can actually be the answer to help bring in the new paradigm of heart-centered leadership. Knowing when to listen and knowing when to lead. 


Roger She

Roger, originally from Maryland, moved to San Francisco in 2008 to find his own niche. Roger’s niche is working with men to them quit with their mental BS and start creating the lives they know that they were born to have.

Frustrated with being the Yes Man all the time, he turns to self development to find his edge, as 'retaliation' to those who've walked over him. That's when Roger discovers game. Not only did his immediate success with women gave him major outward confidence, but also political advantage in the workplace. 

However, when his relationships start to fail, one after the other, he comes to terms that deep self sabotage is at play. Determined to live in full integrity as a man - he's now on a journey to uplift other stifled men. He believes every man can win in the 'game' of sex, money, and health if they learn how to put themselves first.

Roger is also a doomed perfectionist. Due to his glaring weakness for smoothies, King Charles Spaniels, and drunk karaoke nights.